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SEO OptimizationOur SEO or search engine optimization strategy involves a strategic plan that focuses on key highlighted areas to find keyword opportunities and to find the perfect blend of tailored optimization to meet your goals.Each client is going to be different in terms of needs and assessment because each niche is different in terms of supply and demand. Some markets may be very competitive like law and medicine while others like local basket weaving are not. Pradica focuses on 3 proven and effective parts to our SEO efforts and they are as follows:




The initial phase of Pradica SEO campaigns consists of ensuring that the technical aspects of a website, the content of a website, and the optimization aspects of a website are all checked and analyzed so that we can proceed to fulfilling the clients agreed strategic objectives.

Once all the technical stuff is done, we will continue to do monthly ongoing management of the SEO campaign. This includes mostly off site activity such as business reviews, video optimization, social signals, pr, etc.

This is the ongoing stage of analyzation of our key performance indicators that we agree on. WE will track things like keyword position, website rankings, site traffic, leads and conversions,etc.



Strategic Planning

  • Establish KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators – This is the first step with the client to find out what we are going to measure to track our success. This could be site traffic, leads from a specific form, increase amount of time people spend on a site, and so on. Developing specific goals and understanding what is expected is key in a successful SEO marketing campaign.
  • Choose Tracking Requirements – We use many types of software to track what your consumers are doing online so this is the phase where we decide what software to use and how to track the end user.
  • Keyword Research – This step is important because we decide with the client what types of keywords we want to go after. We will be targeting specific brand keywords, generic keywords, and keywords related to your business locally. We use many technical tools to find out which keywords are most competitive, which keywords convert the best, and which keywords are going to give us the best bang for your buck.
  • Audit & Store Historic SEO Activity – In this phase we are looking for a baseline to compare what SEO activity you have done in the past and use these metrics to compare with what we have done in the future.
  • Agree On Reporting Requirements – We will both agree on how often to send reports about the campaigns track record and success. We will also decide on how often to meet and when we need to take action on tweaking.
  • Produce A Timeline Of Launch – We will agree on a launch date after we assess the other areas of your marketing to make sure that all processes are on the same page.

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  • Content Creation – Monthly ongoing work will be done to your content to make sure that your brand remains an authority in your niche market. We will make sure that product and business reviews are kept up to date, put out information on why you and your product is better, perform directory submissions, use Google Plus and Social media for signals to increase SEO rank,and much more.
  • Content Consulting – Ongoing recommendations for existing content and new content, recommendations to content according to new search algorithms, technical support, ongoing keyword research to find trends and keywords that are highly convertible.


  • Analyze Metrics – This is the fun part for us to continually analyze the myriad of metrics that will help determine if we are succeeding or not. Some of the variables we will follow are:
  • Trending keywords and their position
  • Keyword rankings and their priority with us
  • Technical site crawls to find new issues
  • Ongoing competition analysis
  • Ongoing site semantics analysis ( site structure )
  • Backlinking Analysis
  • Social Activity related to SEO
  • Social signal monitoring
  • Site traffic from Pay Per Click, Organic, Referring Sites

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