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We are a Digital Marketing Agency that uses inbound marketing techniques to convert online traffic into quality targeted leads. Providing you with more customers is our passion.




Attract new customers through targeted keyword campaigns, Pay Per Click Ads, Professional Blogs, and high quality social media posts. Put out as many “lines in the water” to draw your targeted customer into your marketing web. Track and monitor user buying signals through metrics, analytics, and usability testing techniques.

Inbound Marketing


Convert the plethora of online traffic to dedicated sales leads with our services such as amazing web design, conversion rate optimization techniques, “calls to action”, and TARGETED landing pages related to what your customers are looking for. Track all of your visitors and individual clicks through our award winning software.

Inbound Marketing


Filter and close a higher percentage of online visitors using proven tools such as automated email response campaigns, state of the art eye tracking software on your website, lead capture technology, and a CRM or customer relations management system developed by Pradica to organize leads that have a much higher potential to actually buy.

Inbound Marketing

Interesting Internet Marketing Facts?

Percentage of spending in America that came from the internet in 2016.
Percentage of Facebook users that bought something from an ad
# in billions of videos that are watched on YouTube every single day
Percentage of emails that are opened if the subject line is less than 10 characters

Curiosity about life in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.

— Leo Burnett —

Some brands we have worked with:

Busch GardensDatzMOSILucky DillSeaworldTilted KiltCarefree Boat ClubClientNova 535

Our Services

Do you wonder why your competition is so successful online while you seem to struggle to find your place? Let us turn the tables and teach you about the latest techniques in innovative web design, conversion optimization, and business process management. Our marketing philosophy is a complete science proven to bring you greater success. We love it, and we know you will too.

Website Development

Your website is probably the single most important tool in your marketing plan. A well thought out optimally designed site will give you the best platform to sell your services and products. If your website is optimized for the most popular search engines, then your site can quickly turn into an automated 24/7 sales machine designed to bring in leads daily. Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, A/B – Multivariate Testing, and Kissmetrics, your site can be tweaked for optimum performance and lead generation which affects the bottom line.

Workflow For Web
  • Site Evaluation / Research
  • Branding/Market Strategy
  • Creative Design / Optimization
  • Experience / Usability Testing
  • Website Design

Inbound Marketing

This type of marketing targets potential customers at the correct stage in their various different levels of product and brand awareness as well as the different levels of sales cycle they are in. Using our inbound marketing techniques, we can capture the targeted customer and fulfill their needs with one of our proven marketing methods. Not everyone  is in the same stage of the buying process at any given time, so it is important to capture their attention and deliver content that matches exactly what they are looking for when they need it.

Workflow For Inbound
  • Magnetize Your Marketing
  • Convert Leads Into Sales
  • Re-marketing – Repeat Business
  • Analyzation / Tweaking
  • Website Design

Conversion Rate Optimization

We use a scientific methodology to increase business that comes from the internet. We start with business process management to find out where the loopholes are and why your business is underperforming. This is also the stage where we fine tune what you are doing currently. The end goal of CRO  is to find out why your site visitors are not converting and then making changes to your site that help increase the conversion rate. CRO is highly effective because it takes all guesswork out of your marketing and adds scientific proof to make better choices.

Workflow For CRO
  • BPM – Business Process Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Understanding Site Visitors
  • Create Experiments
  • Website Design

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Inbound Marketing

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

  • You guys really pack a huge punch in a well thought out marketing package.

    — Katie P. —
  • I’m really impressed. You did what you said you were going to do and that has never happened before. We have had 6 other firms come in before you that couldn’t deliver these results. Great Job. We started with 4,000 visitors per month and had 54,000 visitors per month within 4 months of working with you.

    — Dr Sponaugle —
  • I couldn’t believe how fast my business grew. Within two months we had to shut down our online reservation system because we were getting too many reservation requests. Our bounce rate went to 1.2% and our online traffic is through the roof.Great Work Delivering What Was Promised!

    — Chef Ben —
  • We went from getting 20 leads every 3 months from the internet to over 75 the very first month of service. I hired a couple dock masters to help with reservations and I just recently opened another location in Tarpon Springs. I’m going to hire you guys to do all my locations! Thanks for everything.

    — Marty A. —
  • Optimizing my website was the best thing I ever did. Since the economy has crashed I get 80% of all my business from the internet. If I didn’t hire Pradica at the time I did, my doors would probably be closed right now.

    — Terry R. —


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