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As a business owner, you listen to other marketing companies spit their spiel to get you more business, and in your mind,  all you want to hear is how they can increase your bottom line. Well, it comes down to how many conversions you get from your investment. How many sales? How much money has come in since this investment?

Most companies fear these key performance indicators….WE WANT TO BE A PART OF IT. It’s not easy…

Some companies try to mask this by showing you hits, site visitors, or how many people gave you smiley faces on your last post. The bottom line….is well, the bottom line. HOW MUCH gross revenue can be generated by the marketing you present to your target customer?

Many people think that there is some special colored button that is going to convert the most customers and bring  the riches from the heavens. This is not the case. CRO is a highly technical way of using technology and science to prove which elements of a website work and which ones do not.


We Optimize Your Customers Zero Moment Of Truth

Our tools we use like Crazy Egg, Click Tale, Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, Optimizely, and others help us to uncover the truth about what is really happening on your website. By analyzing trends and performing live user testing, we can then come up with a strategic plan and make recommendations that can make a big difference quickly. Not only do we know the science of your website, we get involved in the customers perception of your brand and join the conversation to figure out why or why not people actually buy your products. The user intelligence is out there and it is our job to tap into it for you. Conversion Rate Optimization is a complex process but we have made it simple to execute with out methodology. We perform the CRO steps in the following order:


MArketing ConsultationWe will meet with you to go through the business processes to find out what bottlenecks there are and what parts of your business are under performing. It’s important that both parties are on the same page as far as what goals we are going after and what key performance indicators we will be tracking. At this point, we have no idea why people are not converting into sales so it might be necessary that we install Google Analytics or other software to analyze the site visitors behavior. This tracking may take as little as 1-2 weeks to get started optimizing.


HEat Map Tracking SoftwareIn this stage we use all our power to locate existing traffic sources and map out which ones are bringing in the most potential leads. We will use our behavioral tracking software to find out which conversion funnels are working and which ones are not. We will fine tune these funnels to make it easier for the end user to convert. Since we already have a game plan of what goals we are after, we will focus our efforts on the funnels that can help us achieve our agreed upon goals. Sometimes even the smallest tweaks can make a very big impact.We will use eye tracking technology, heatmaps, Google Analytics, and others to find all the hidden issues.


Interesting Findings Include:

  • Finding Out How Users Interact With Specific Pages
  • Heatmap Sources Show Clickable HotSpots
  • Where Does Site Traffic Come From
  • What Are New Visitors And Returning Visitors Doing?
  • Where Are People Falling Off The Site?
  • Are People Scrolling Down The Whole Page?
  • Are Users Ending Up Where They Came In The Site For?
  • Find Best Converting Keywords – Organic vs. PPC

conversion rate optimization methodologyWe need to find out why people are coming to your site and where are they coming from. Do these visitors find what they are looking for? WE look at things like the funnels, the amount of time they stayed on a particular page, and if they converted after reading some specific copy from a page. Are more site visitors converting from localized keywords or keywords that are general?

During this customer study, we always refer to using surveys to get customer feedback. These surveys are installed right on the website and ask questions about user experience, do they like the site design?, what things could we add on the site, and usability of the site. We have about 20 questions we can pull pull from to get the usability ratings that we need to make changes. A few pieces of software we like to use are Survey Monkey, 4Q, and Live Chat to get the best feedback.


conversion optimization strategyThe last part of the process is to make some bold changes to get your business to the top and to reach the goals we set forth together. We are not talking about changing the color of a button here, we are talking about making multiple bold changes that will benefit your conversion rate the most. Many of these changes will have to do with the design, the copy and content, as well as adding calls to action and video. We have found that adding video is a great deliverable to communicate with, whether it is used for testimonials, a message from the CEO, or even used to demonstrate how a product works in a real environment. These types of changes are developed in our Conversion Optimization Plans below.


Conversion Optimization Plans

Use Singularly Or Combine Them

Creating a wireframe gives the client a layout of any new designs we come up with and shows where the big bold changes are going to happen. The whole idea behind creating a wireframe is to create something that is much better than the current version you are using. The layout of the site will use the science we found to place objects in the right area to maximize conversions.

The conversion optimization audit is explained above and is the first step into our CRO plans. This audit will help us bring our science and technology into your marketing to create a website that delivers the biggest bang for your buck.

Our web development team can build new web pages from scratch or use a Content Management System system like WordPress if you want more control over making changes to your site.

Our in house CRO experts will run the A/B and multivariate testing and analyze the data after our experiments. We will then run reports and deliver recommendations to you.

We will analyze the experiments and why they were ran. Do the experiment findings give us enough data to make changes that can meet our goals? We will measure our success through continuous testing through the stages mentioned above.


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